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How Your Brand Will Benefit from Social Video Marketing

Video content marketing is gaining popularity in the business world, and for good reason. As more and more people watch online videos, this unhinges a huge marketing potential for businesses to tap into.

Check out the first video we produced when our brand was just starting to grow!

From engaging your audience to differentiating your brand from your competitors, video marketing has the potential to yield tangible results for your business.

A recent study* conducted by Cisco predicts that by the year 2020, 82% of consumer Internet traffic will be video. So why are videos so valuable for marketing?

Despite the misconceptions that videos are a tough medium to tackle and that it might not even be worth the trouble, the truth is video marketing yields excellent ROI by attracting and converting traffic.

That’s not to say you should start churning out videos tomorrow with no real direction or plan of execution.

Every video you produce needs concise, systematic planning and purpose. After all, they represent your brand, your products, and your services.

Of course, it helps that, videos can be pretty fun to make with the help of a web marketing company.

Your competitors are probably using social video advertising for their brand, so why aren’t you? And even if they’re not, that gives you a solid opportunity to stay one step ahead of the game.

To help you realize the true value of this platform for promoting your brand and establishing your position among your industry, we’ve done some research on the advantages social video marketing has and where the trend is taking us.

Video camera and boom setup on a red stage

Engage, Connect, Capture

Did you know that Tweets with video attract 10x more engagements than those without? There are effective strategies to help you hook in your audience for more engagement potential. These include:

  • Set up the intro with an intriguing first few seconds
  • Incorporate some close-up shots
  • Spark curiosity with an on-screen graphic
  • Capture action with quick movements
  • Include captions
  • Feature real people
  • Don’t forget to flash your brand!

It’s no surprise that videos engage audiences because they appeal to the visual and auditory senses.

Since vision is our lead sense, videos easily capture the eye and engage viewers making them effective at sharing your message and boosting your brand.

Make your message memorable and draw people in with your story with a unified message across your video marketing strategy. When it comes to branding, consistency is key.

Evoke More Emotion With Your Story

When properly executed, using video to tell a story can hold a far greater impact on the emotions of your audience.

Videos use music, sight, sound, and play off our memories to evoke emotional responses. These responses help build a personal connection with your audience, which induces trust in your brand.

There is also immense sharing potential when it comes to storytelling, particularly when that story resonates with your audience. When there’s an emotional response, people will take notice and pass your message along.

Sharing is Caring!

Spark up any social media channel and what do you see? Video sharing. Without fail, effective video marketing gives you the greatest opportunity to reach maximum sharing potential for your content.

If viewers tune in and like your videos, they will want to share them with their friends and followers on social media. Users are more likely to share entertaining videos that evoke emotion than a wordy post or graphic.

Videos for social media marketing are a great way to get your brand front and centre, exposing your business to the public and improving your brand awareness.

Ultimately, this will increase your web traffic, boost conversions, and improve sales – which let’s face it, is the entire point.

Keep Them Educated and Curious

Videos are excellent learning tools for viewers of all ages, all over the world. By using explainer videos on your landing page or website, you can teach your audience about your industry, how to use a product, or explain a product or service. It’s easier to grasp a concept or learn how to do something with audio-visual demonstrations.

Just take a look at YouTube. From learning how to hang a hammock to troubleshooting issues with your car engine, videos are a great way to educate your audience.

For more complex concepts that are challenging to explain, you can implement graphic design in your videos to maintain their focus and attention on your messaging.

Use animation to bring the concepts to life and get the job done effectively without the risk of losing their interest.

Animation also eliminates any feelings of intimidation around these more challenging topics as it evokes a sense of familiarity and nostalgia for viewers who grew up watching animated TV shows and movies.

These educational videos are also excellent forms of content to share on your social media platforms.

The common theme here is to focus on building expertise, authority, and trust – so if you’ve got the material, share the knowledge!


Get Your Message Across Quickly

We all know videos include visual representations so you can show and tell your message at the same time.

When compared to text, videos convey large amounts of information quickly, so you’re essentially giving your audience more information without making them invest more of their time.

This gives your business the opportunity to drive your company persona home and significantly enhance your overall message – that’s quite the advantage!

Audiences often want quick, easy-to-digest content they can consume on the go – we’ve known this to be true for a while now. Many consumers won’t spend a minute of their time reading long product or service descriptions, despite wanting to see the product or service in action.

Videos give your audience the information they need in a convenient, efficient way.

Audiences are Tuned In to What You Have to Say

Hundreds of people take videos on their smartphones at a concert

Where do you think these videos will end up?

Whether on YouTube or Facebook, more videos are being uploaded, watched, and shared. Each day, audiences watch an average of  5 billion videos on YouTube, 8 billion videos on Facebook (with a whopping 85% without sound), and more than 10 billion views on Snapchat.

A staggering 92% of B2B prospects watch videos online. Web marketing with videos has taken off and will only gain more traction in the months to come.

Conversion Potentials are Increased with Video Advertising

Videos can boost conversions by 80%. Prospective customers are more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video explaining the product, how it works, what it does, and other useful information.

These videos not only boost their confidence in your product but they feel more motivated to make a decision that results in a sale for you.

An excellent way for you to introduce videos to your brand is by strategically including them in a landing page about the products or services you offer.

If They’re Watching Your Video, They’re Probably on Mobile

If you have a video marketing strategy in place, ask yourself this – are they optimized for mobile viewers?

The majority of users watch video content on their mobile devices, and mobile video consumption is only increasing each year as more people opt for smartphones.

Audiences are also more likely to feel a personal connection to brands who share mobile video content.

Remember, building a personal connection to your audience through the use of video marketing engages them, builds trust, and makes them more motivated to make a sale.

Earning Trust Through the Screen

Provide your audience with useful, interesting information to help build trust in your brand. Engaging promotional videos can also build consumer confidence in their purchases.

Audiences want to watch brand-owned content and see the human side of your brand. So show them the people behind the name.

Videos Offer Excellent ROI

Although videos aren’t the cheapest or easiest marketing tools, they are well worth the investment. And with the consistent advancement of technology and video editing software, video production is becoming a more accessible platform for businesses, big or small.

Your audience wants a clear understanding of your brand, products, services, and vision, and videos are the best way to get these messages across in a way that is meaningful to them.

Video Content Gets Higher Rankings

Since videos keep visitors on your site for longer, this extended exposure tells Google and other search engines that your site has quality content.

And since quality content is key for improving rankings, search engines will prioritize websites with engaging video content.

Optimize video content with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

These include interesting and optimized titles and descriptions. You’ll also want to link back to your website and specific product or services pages.

You can also create interactive video content. When you share videos across platforms—blogs, social media, and websites—it will be easier for your target audience to find you in search.

Macro shot of tablet showing analytics

Reach Your Target Audience With the Help of Analytics

Did you know that video ads have high click-through-rates?

Even 15-second non-skippable YouTube ads also have high completion rates coming in at 92%. E-mail marketing campaigns that use videos also have higher click-through-rates.

Video analytics on Facebook and YouTube allow you to see how well your content is performing and where you can improve.

Common performance indicators include views, likes, dislikes, comments, and shares.

This data can then be used to change your social media and video marketing campaigns to better suit your target audience.

All the tools you need to develop compelling content to build your brand and gain authority, trust, and expertise is at your fingertips – you just need to know how to use them!

It’s clear that there is great value found in video marketing when executed properly.

A web marketing company can help get your brand out there with compelling and effective social video marketing campaigns carefully designed with your brand and message in mind.

Discover how your brand can benefit from this untapped potential with the use of an effective video marketing strategy.

*View Cisco study here.