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Navigating the world of paid digital ad campaigns is a bit like sailing: anyone can get on a boat, but it takes training, experience, and know-how to navigate the seas successfully. Rose brings a wealth of experience to her role as a paid advertising specialist, setting your business goals as her destination and helping you navigate the waters effectively to bring your ship to port. Passionate about her work, Rose loves to dive into the deep end of every campaign, analyzing and understanding how and why a campaign worked.

Fully certified in Google Ads, Rose also holds a BComm from the University of Ottawa and a Masters in Management in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Marketing from the KEDGE Business School in France. Outside the office, Rose has a love for fitness, and makes nutrition and mindfulness a part of her lifestyle. She’s all about self-improvement, inside and out, and enjoys taking time to travel when she gets a chance.

Rose’s Skills & Highlights

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