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seoIt is no longer enough to build a great website and expect that people will find you. A well-structured website is vital, but is only the beginning of your online presence. Website SEO is key to your site’s content planning and will actually do far more to grow your business—by acquiring traffic and customers—than simply having a flashy site and a great product. SEO ranking is the “standing” that your website has as a result of a keyword search.

Basically, if you can’t see your website in the results of a Google keyword search, no-one else can either. Here are three areas that need attention in order to unbury your website:

Your content should be well-written, unique, relevant, and updated regularly. Any cursory search about website SEO will stress the importance of the content on your webpages being useful, understandable, and not repetitive. People and search engines alike are attracted to information that is distinctive.

Your keywords should be selected to clearly address what you’re selling, and to whom. You need to know what your target audience is searching for, and anticipate the words they are using to do so.  Use these keywords strategically within your website, including page titles and URLs.  One effective way to use keywords to your advantage is to dedicate specific words or phrases to separate webpages, each with its own particular focus.   You will undoubtedly begin to notice an increase in your SEO ranking as you attract these niche visitors to your website.

Your campaign to market your website should reflect that you’re keeping it active. Your website is a business that can stand out from its competitors by not only adding exclusive information that continually sets it apart, but by creating links.  Establish keyword links for your visitors to follow between pages on your website, and seek out good quality link sites that have high SEO rankings. The more links pointing to your site, the better, so consider sharing content to boost your SEO ranking. When you rank well, other sites will link to you, thereby directing even more traffic your way.        Website SEO is a fundamental way to ensure your company thrives on the internet.  Best of all, it’s cost effective! It is free to to appear in search results, so by consistently adding rich content, astutely using keywords, and deliberately pointing links to your website you will see your sites—and your business—gain prominence in search engine results.