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pay per click advertising

Google Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is just that–you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. It allows you to market your product or service quickly and efficiently to a wide audience of online searchers on AdWords, Google’s advertising platform. Our clients ask us all the time, when are the best times to engage in a PPC advertising campaign? Although there are many situations when it makes sense to use PPC, we’ve selected what we believe are the top three occasions:

1. PPC Advertising to Bring Visibility While your “Organic” or “Un-paid” Rankings are Growing

This is particularly true in the case of a business that has a new web domain that has not yet been indexed by Google, and has no or very minimal rankings. From the time a new website is launched, it takes a minimum of three to six months before a well-executed organic campaign starts to yield results, and the website starts to appear on the search engine results page (SERPs).  Until that time, Google PPC Advertising works well to bring your website some instant visibility and traffic. A Google PPC campaign can be set-up and launched within 24 to 48 hours, so literally, from the first days of your new website, PPC advertising could help sell your product or service. Then, once the website starts to rank for keywords in the organic section of the SERPs, the PPC PPC_Advertisingadvertising can be re-balanced. For example, we have a new legal firm as a client, and they specialize in family and divorce law. Knowing that their busiest time is after the Christmas holidays, they did not want to “miss the boat” this year just because their website is new, and not yet ranking. To effectively manage this issue, we recommended aggressive PPC advertising that would give them immediate visibility on Google, and offer their new firm a fair shot at attracting clients during this peak time.

2. PPC Advertising for Testing New Markets

Perhaps your company is launching a new product or service, and rather than dive head-first into a long-term organic strategy you want to first get a sense of the market, and its’ potential. Google PPC advertising allows you to test out the success of several different keywords, and niches, without too much of a financial or time commitment.  For example, you’re an online bookstore that wants to start selling home décor and giftware. Rather than filling your warehouse with cushions, candles and picture frames, and paying your SEO company to launch a separate organic campaign for you to gain rankings on those keywords, the sensible thing would be to first test the market with PPC. Paid advertising will give you a good sense of the market’s competitiveness, and gauge the level of interest from consumers without too much risk for your business.

3. PPC Advertising to Give your Brand a Boost During Special Occasions

Even though your website might be ranking on the first page of Google for several keywords, there may be special times throughout the year, such as during your high season, when you want to push your sales even more. By engaging in PPC Advertising you are effectively increasing the amount of real estate that you have on the SERPs, which increases the probability of your website listing or ad being clicked on, thereby further improving the likelihood of a sale. Take for example Bob’s Landscaping–looking at his web analytics over several years his SEO company could see that each March he had received the most traffic on his website, as people started to make plans to have their properties landscaped for the upcoming summer season. Equipped with this information, Bob’s SEO company recommended a PPC advertising campaign that would run just for the month of March. Bob set a $1000 PPC advertising budget, knowing that just one good sale resulting from the PPC advertising would mean a return on his investment. At the end of the month Bob’s SEO company analyzed the data, which showed that eight new clients were acquired from the PPC advertising campaign alone, and many other leads came from his pay per click advertisingorganic listings–mission accomplished!

Although you could do it yourself, it’s recommended to use a qualified Google Partner Agency to best manage your Google PPC advertising campaign. Agencies employ digital marketing specialists that are AdWords Certified, they abide by Google’s industry best practices, and they can set up appropriate benchmarks, crunch the data and effectively leverage that into sales. Knowing that you can’t be an expert in everything, doesn’t it make the most sense to leave the Google PPC advertising to a professional company, and focus on what you do best?

To learn more about Google PPC advertising, visit our ad management services page.