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Mobile Conversions Rising, But Desktop Conversions Remain Significantly More Valuable

Study Finds That Consumers Prefer Making Purchases Via Desktop Rather Than Mobile While mobile devices continue to be the preferred way to access the internet and consume content, a recent study has found that mobile ad clicks and conversions are far less valuable than desktop. The study carried out by digital marketing agency AccuraCast, found that […]

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Google Tests Out Removal of URLs From Search Results

URLs Begin Disappearing in Google Searches It seems as if the appearance of URLs in Google search results could very soon be a thing of the past. This according to a Reddit user who noticed the change and shared a screenshot of a search that showed just the names of sites appearing in search results. […]

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The Importance of Optimizing SEO For Voice Search

Tips for Mastering Voice Search As technology and search algorithms constantly change and evolve, it’s no secret that staying current with developing trends is no longer optional for digital marketers. So, what’s the latest and greatest untapped opportunity for optimizing SEO that marketers should be taking advantage of? We’re talking about voice search. According to […]

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Man reads news on tablet while having a cup of coffee

Google Algorithm Change Puts the Spotlight on Original News Reporting

New Google Search Rater Guidelines to Support Journalists and Publishers Does Google ever sleep? Not likely, considering every other day it seems like new search updates are being announced. Two weeks before the September 2019 Core Update, the search engine giant announced an algorithm change focused on highlighting original news reporting and journalism in search […]

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SEO Community Renames Google Review Rich Results Update to Starmageddon

Starmageddon Has Landed – Google Update Sparks Twitter Frenzy An update by any other name would smell just as sweet. Ok, maybe not so much if you’re one of the many that have been impacted by Google’s recent update regarding review rich results. Not long after Google announced the September 2019 Review Rich Results Update […]

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Google search shows site breadcrumb

Google Introduces New Breadcrumb Report and Notifies Site Owners of Errors

Google Automates Communication Notifying Site Owners of Breadcrumb Errors Shortly after introducing its new Breadcrumb report’ to the Google Search Console last week, Google sent out mass emails to site owners notifying them of issues that needed fixing. It was back in 2015 that Google first introduced support for the structured data supported by […]

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