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BERT Explained – Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Biggest Update in 5 Years

Major Google Algorithm Change to Affect 10% of all Search Inquiries Google’s most significant update in 5 years is here and revolutionizing the way the search engine understands search terms and user intent, leading to more relevant results for users. Described as “one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of Search,” Google’s recent […]

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Is Branding Making a Comeback?

Tips for Developing Strong Branding to Help Your Business Stand Out People today are constantly bombarded with messages, offers, and flashy graphics in an attempt to be attention-grabbing. As attention spans continue to dwindle, more people are caring less about what you have to offer. Simply put, competition is fierce, and markets are bigger than […]

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Facebook Strips All Business Pages of Grey Verification Badges

Facebook Announces Change to Organic Page Impressions and Removes Grey Verification Badges As of October 30, Facebook has begun stripping business page owners of their grey verification badges put in place to display page authenticity. According to Facebook, the decision was made after the platform had received feedback from users who expressed that they were […]

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Twitter Increases Ad Frequency for Certain Users

Twitter Users to Start Seeing More Ads in Their Feeds In light of reported disappointing earnings for the third quarter of 2019, Twitter recently announced that it would be increasing the frequency at which it displays ads for certain groups of users of its platform. Previously, Twitter would display fewer ads for users that had larger follower […]

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Study Finds That People Are Less Likely to Use Google If Given the Choice

Search Engine Study Explores Shift in Users Preference For Google Alternatives Have you ever imagined a world without using Google to carry out searches? Seems pretty far fetched, right? Maybe not so much. According to one recent study, users’ preferences may be shifting away from Google in favour of other search options. The study, commissioned […]

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Searcher Intent is Your Golden Ticket to Effective Content Marketing

How to Build A Content Marketing Strategy to Reach Your Target Audience Do you know what your audience is searching for and why? Understanding user intent is the first, and one of the most important steps towards developing an effective search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing strategy. Having a solid grasp on the different […]

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