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Personalize Yelp Results Based on Diet and Lifestyle Needs

Yelp has introduced a new personalization feature that will display custom search results based on a user’s general preferences.

Prior to the change, everyone would see the same results based on their location. But now, those who take a couple of minutes to indicate their preferences to Yelp, will see personalized search results geared towards them.

yelp personalization feature on smartphone app

Source: Yelp

In addition to diet, lifestyle, and accessibility, users can set other preferences in their profile such as type of cuisine, favourite attractions, and most frequented types of businesses.

After conducting a search with personalization options turned on, labels will be automatically applied to business listings to highlight which criteria is met.

Expanding and Refining


In a blog post, Yelp declared its intention to use content, photos, business attributes, and other data to match consumer interests in businesses or activities. It also assured that it would not expose user preferences publicly. In other words, user data won’t be sold to advertisers.


Rather than serving recommendations solely based on a user’s search history, Yelp is starting an open conversation with consumers to better understand their preferences and interests in order to customize the app to show them what they want to see more of,
read the blog article.

Yelp added that, unlike Google, personalized search results are not algorithmically generated. It’s all within the control of the individual user.

The new personalization feature will be rolled out soon for iOS users and progressively for Android users. The company also teased that these new capabilities coincide with Yelp’s efforts to expand the app’s focus beyond food, stating:

The beginning of major product changes the company is undertaking to significantly evolve and improve the consumer experience.