Google Patent Reveals Insight Into E-A-T Update

Patent Lifts the Curtain on Massive 2018 Core Algorithm Update Could we finally know the secret behind one of Google’s biggest algorithm update in recent years? Potentially. A recent patent published by Google has given us a glimpse behind the curtain of the infamous E-A-T update. The patent, which was officially published on February 13, […]

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Will Keywords in Google My Business Descriptions Help Me Rank or Not?

Google: “Yes. No. Yes. Maybe?” Alright, what’s going on, Google? First, you said adding keywords in business descriptions is an important factor for rankings. Then you backtracked and said, actually, no, it’s not really that helpful. And now you’re saying “well, actually, they could help you rank, but it depends on some stuff.” Great, that […]

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Bing to Roll Out New and Improved Webmaster Tools Portal

Bing Aims to Make Webmaster Tools Portal Faster, Cleaner, and More Responsive In an effort to create a faster, cleaner, more responsive and actionable toolset for SEOs and webmasters, Bing will soon be rolling out a new and improved set of Webmaster Tools. Bing made the big announcement at the SEO conference SMX West this […]

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Roses, Chocolate, and Ranking Fluctuations – Google Rolls Out Valentines Day Local Update

Latest Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update Impacting Local Rankings Google sure knows how to keep us on our toes. After last week’s massive update, it appears as if another algorithm update has been rolling in, this time affecting local rankings such as local business listings in the Google local packs and Google Maps results. According to […]

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Google Backtracks on Recommendation to Include Keywords in GMB Descriptions

SEO Experts Say Google’s Stance on Keywords in Google My Business to Improve Rankings is Inaccurate Practically setting a record for backtracking in the wake of controversy, Google is rethinking a recent Google My Business (GMB) change just 24 hours after launching, due to a wave of criticism over some new recommendations. Earlier this week, […]

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Google Seemingly Confirms Algorithm Update After Week of Turmoil

Google Remains Vague Regarding Possibility of Several Algorithm Updates After nearly a week of turmoil, Google has finally broken its silence about a potential algorithm update by confirming that an update did in fact take place. Well, sort of. Google didn’t exactly come out of the woodworks to announce an algorithm update, however, Google Public […]

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