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custom cta button and analytics for LinkedIn

LinkedIn introduces new features to help businesses engage their community and measure their impact.

Thanks to recent feedback, your company can improve its services by adding custom call-to-action (CTA) button and analytics.

“As a Page Admin, we’ve heard that you want the ability to customize the way you engage with your Page Followers and visitors. Beyond the primary ‘follow’ button, we’ve now added the ability to select a custom CTA button for your Page.” Rishi Jobanputra, Product Manager at LinkedIn

These new CTA buttons available for LinkedIn Pages include the following five options:

  • Contact Us
  • Learn More
  • Register
  • Sign Up
  • Visit Website

This feature is completed by an analytic tool that gives you in-depth details on your engagement allowing you to turn visitors into potential leads.

The click-through analytics can be found in the admin home dashboard or at the top in your Visitor Analytics tab.

The CTA buttons will only be available on desktop.

Communities Hashtags – Branch Out!

The Communities Hashtag tool allows you to associate your Page with relevant hashtags to engage new audiences. This hashtag feed helps you build brand awareness outside of your current follower community, thus allowing you to be front-and-centre with brand new audiences and potential leads.

Like the new CTA buttons, this tool will only be available on desktop.

Mobile Admin Editing

Keep your Page up to date, post frequently and respond on the go with LinkedIn’s Mobile Admin Editing platform. Admins will be able to edit key details and published posts directly from their Page using a mobile device.

Other features

Look out for upcoming features from LinkedIn – these updates will help you make the most of your business page.

With over 630 million users and 34 million Pages, it’s hard to stand out in the LinkedIn community. But with these new features and tools, your business has the opportunity to get noticed.