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Google:Yes. No. Yes. Maybe?”

Alright, what’s going on, Google? First, you said adding keywords in business descriptions is an important factor for rankings. Then you backtracked and said, actually, no, it’s not really that helpful.

And now you’re saying “well, actually, they could help you rank, but it depends on some stuff.”

Great, that clarifies everything.

If you’re like us and basically every marketer around the world you’re probably wondering:

What’s the deal?

Via Twitter, Google confirmed that when it comes to improving rankings with keywords in GMB descriptions, there are some factors to consider that could make or break the results.

“While it’s not guaranteed to improve the ranking, it could, depending on other factors, as well as information that is found online associated with the business,” says Google My Business.

Obligatory proof of Tweet below:

So, yeah. There you have it. Confused? So are we. We’re not quite sure if the SEO community has it wrong or Brad the representative from Google is mixed up, but either way, things aren’t clear.

It’s okay Google, we know you’re busy and have lots to keep track of. We won’t hold it against you. And we’re sure you’re working on a clear explanation. Right?.. Right?