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Potential February Algorithm Update Yet to Be Confirmed by Google

While Google continues to remain tight-lipped and has yet to confirm nor deny anything, according to Search Engine Round Table, another significant algorithm update could be rolling in as we speak, causing rankings to fluctuate dramatically.

Google has not yet confirmed any algorithm update of the sorts, however, chatter about a potential update within the SEO community exploded by the end of last week after people started noticing considerable fluctuations in rankings over the weekend.

In fact, according to the SEMrush Sensor, position changes are being reported for numerous sites, further signifying a potential update.

“Google results are shaking up,” says SEMrush.” “This may be a sign of a possible algorithm change. Check if your site has been affected.”

Ranking changes due to Google algorithm update

Source: SEMrush

To add more fuel to the fire, the last time we saw similar spikes was when the January 2020 Core Update rolled out last month.

So, What Does All This Mean?

Since we haven’t yet heard a peep from Google, speculation has run wild regarding the cause of this update, with everything from changes to featured snippets and HTML to tackling fake news in wake of the Coronavirus being cited as potential causes.

However, without confirmation, it’s all merely speculation up until this point.

Typically, though, when Google does roll out an algorithm update, we see some sort of announcement from the Google Search Liaison on Twitter. So, for now, our best advice is to keep your eye’s peeled on Twitter and wait for a potential announcement in the coming days. And of course, look out for any fluctuation in rankings to see if your site has been affected.