Google Rater Guidelines Update Announcement with paint strokes

Diversity and Impartiality Are Emphasized in Google’s Search Quality Guidelines Update

Google Instructs Raters to Avoid Personal Bias and Consider User Diversity For the third time this year, Google has released a new set of updates to its search quality evaluator guidelines, this time to emphasize diversity and impartiality. The changes were less significant than previous ones, but indicate a changing way of thinking, and reinforce […]

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Google local search update with paint strokes in the background

Google Finishes Rolling Out Local Search Update

Local Search Update Helps Google Relate Search Terms to Concepts In the digital age, there’s always a first time for everything. In an unprecedented move, Google officially confirmed an update to its local search algorithm this week which began rolling out globally in early November. So, what exactly is this update and what does it […]

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Google Maps Named the Most Dominant Tool for Local Search

Google Followed by Yelp and Facebook Found to be Leaders in Local Search It should come as no surprise that Google Maps has been named the most dominant tool for local search, according to a recent survey from Brandify. The survey, which gathered data from 1,000 male and female respondents living in the U.S, found […]

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Tiles spell out search

An In Depth Look At Google’s Most Recent Colossal Update BERT

Answering Every Question You Ever Had About BERT Following the announcement and roll out of BERT, Google’s most recent massive algorithm update that has become a gamechanger in the field of search, some mystery still remains regarding what BERT will mean for marketers and SEO teams. To help clear up any confusion, we’ve answered some […]

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Laptop displaying Facebook ads

Facebook Launches New Brand Safety Tools for Advertisers

Facebook Gives Advertisers More Control in Light of Political Ad Controversy In an effort to provide advertisers with more control over the content where their ads appear after facing criticism for its political ad policy, Facebook has announced that it will be launching a new set of brand safety tools. According to Facebook, these new […]

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Bert from Sesame Street next to article header

BERT Explained – Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Biggest Update in 5 Years

Major Google Algorithm Change to Affect 10% of all Search Inquiries Google’s most significant update in 5 years is here and revolutionizing the way the search engine understands search terms and user intent, leading to more relevant results for users. Described as “one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of Search,” Google’s recent […]

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