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Are you familiar with the term ad retargeting, also called remarketing?

Did you know that only 2% of your website visitors are converted into customers on their first visit to your site?

By helping motivate the other 98% through the sales funnel, ad retargeting is a great way to yield higher conversion rates from those who’ve already visited your site.

It goes like this: a potential customer leaves your website without completing a transaction. A code called a “pixel” is left in their browser.

When they visit a site with available ad space, such as the Weather Network, this pixel lets you, the advertiser, bid on that space in real time, before the page loads. The bidding process takes less than a second.

This strategy works really well because as you know, nobody likes to rush into a purchase. A properly-deployed retargeting campaign makes sure that your product, service, or membership stays on the table while the potential customer continues browsing, and considers their options. Then, when they’re ready to convert, they’ll be able to find your website with ease and finalize the transaction.

Remember that when setting up an ad retargeting campaign it’s important that you limit your ad frequency: there’s a subtle difference between a gentle reminder and a nuisance.

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