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digital marketing

You’re a busy entrepreneur with a million things to accomplish each day. You recognize that the world is moving away from traditional advertising, as the best way to maximize a marketing budget is clearly to focus on digital efforts. You know what you want to do, but do you or anyone in your company really have the expertise to carry out a successful digital marketing strategy? Do you understand the world of search engine optimization? Are you Google certified and have you ever set-up and managed a cost-effective AdWords campaign? When it comes to your website, do you have sufficient design and development skills to do modifications and updates, implementing call-to-actions that will convert site visitors into clients?

Like many business owners, the answer is probably no. And that’s fine, nobody’s an expert in everything. Furthermore, you know that the best return on your time investment is to focus on your core business and leave the marketing to a trusted, results-driven digital marketing agency.

There are several reasons why this approach will be well worth it.

1. If you work with a full service digital marketing agency, such as SEO TWIST, then all your digital needs– from social media, design and graphics, mobile, video marketing, printing, in addition to the social and search engine marketing, will be handled “under one roof”. This makes for a comprehensive approach that ensure all efforts are coordinated, and dollars and time are maximized.

2. As the digital marketing environment is ever-changing, working with a digital marketing agency means that your company will be taking advantage of new technologies and keep you up to speed on exactly what approach works best for your industry. They’ll have the expertise and a team of experienced professionals to recommend an approach that works best for you. As new technology becomes available, and algorithms change, your agency will know right away to tweak the course, and react accordingly.

3. Why spend your precious time on trial and error, wasting money as you “test the waters” seeing which digital marketing tactic works best? Hire a digital marketing agency, and return your focus to your core competencies. In doing so, your time will be better spent. While you have that piece of your businesses contracted out to the experts, there’s no need to worry, a good digital marketing agency will still keep you in the loop, ensuring that you’re learning as your company navigates the digital marketing world.

If your company lacks the internal resources to successfully manage its own digital marketing, then hiring an agency is a smart approach to consider. If your business is still growing, and cost is on your mind, ponder for a moment one of my favorite quotes: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”. We recommend that you focus on your core business, and let Brenda from accounting focus on her spreadsheets. Just because she has a Facebook account or spends her weekends on Pinterest does not qualify her to run your company’s digital marketing strategy. Hire the experts to do an expert job!