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Web Marketing

1.     Usability Is Key

In Ottawa, web design is a booming market – and for good reason. As a rule of thumb, assume that your website has only one to five seconds to attract a consumer. Applying this rule, one can begin to understand the importance of a good Ottawa web design company. However, an Ottawa web design company’s work goes beyond creating a visually appealing website – they must also create one which is user-friendly. Once again, companies today are marketing to consumers with ever-reducing attention spans, so it’s important that relevant information is clearly labeled and easy to navigate. A good Ottawa web design company also knows that having a properly functioning website is imperative, seeing as studies have shown that 32% of consumers will start leaving slow-running sites from as quickly mere seconds are clicking on them.

2.     SEO, SEO, SEO

Any good Ottawa web design and marketing company knows the importance of incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into the web marketing plan. Implementing an SEO web marketing plan is absolutely necessary for seeking a Return On Investment (ROI) – after all, a web-marketing plan works best when actually found by consumers.

3.     Web Marketing Includes Mobile

Web marketing is expanding beyond the desktop as more Canadians turn to their mobile phones and tablets for browsing. Although mobile marketing is relatively new to the scene, eMarketer predicts it will account for 9.8 percent of the total ads marketplace in the US this year. This means mobile ads will surpass newspapers (9.3 percent), magazines (8.4 percent) and radio (8.6 percent) As you can see, mobile marketing is not to be ignored and it also emphasizes the usability idea – as websites should optimally be formatted for mobile use in order to function properly for mobile or tablet users.

4.     It’s A Web-Based World

It’s sad to say, but unfortunately we may soon have to place printed mediums on the endangered list. According to Ofcom’s annual News Consumption study, more people in the UK are now getting their news from digital sources (41%) rather than printed sources (40%). With so many people already turning to the Internet for information, web marketing has the opportunity to reach a large and broad spectrum of consumers.

5.  Content Is Key

Because the Internet is overflowing with information, it’s important to have organized and up-to-date content. A good Ottawa web designer can help you create a simple and easy-to-use platform; it should contain information that is concise and up-to-date. The average Internet user will not spend long on a website, so it’s imperative that your website relays important information as quickly as possible.