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April A Bad Month for Indexing Issues as Google Continues to Work on Fixes and Solutions

Late in the day on April 25, Google announced they’d found a bug in Google Search that could cause the search engine to select unrelated canonical URLs. According to Google’s Twitter announcement, this issue could also prevent proper indexing in some cases:

Google also commented that this could also cause new indexing issues in cases where the search engine won’t index specific URLs.

As of April 26, this issue still hasn’t been officially resolved, though Google is working on finding a solution.

This issue comes on the heels of a Google News indexing problem just before Easter. This bug caused news content from major publishers to simply not index properly.

And a week before that, Google was confirming they’d dealt with another indexing issue.

Basically, April hasn’t been a good month for Google’s indexing abilities.

Pages that aren’t in Google’s search index are, essentially, invisible to the average user through organic search. Unless someone has the exact URL, unindexed or deindexed pages won’t turn up in Google’s search engine results pages.

Hopefully, Google will find a timely solution to these issues, and the SEO community can breathe a collective sigh of relief as things get back to normal.