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Facebook News Feed Ads Are Changing

Facebook to Update Its Ad Format Significant changes are currently happening at Facebook. The latest? Big updates to their ad front. If you’re using Facebook for advertising, then you need to be aware of this update. Starting August 19, Facebook is rolling out changes to their ad layouts, taking them from a 2:3 aspect ratio […]

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Paid Search Continues to Dominate Digital Ad Spend

Paid Search Leading the Digital Ad Landscape According to new data, paid search remains the dominant digital ad channel, accounting for the largest chunk of most marketers’ digital ad budget. A recent survey conducted by Marin Software’s State of Digital Advertising found that on average, paid search accounts for 39% of total digital ad budget. […]

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How Design Brands Your Story

Using Story Telling and Creative Design to Strengthen Your Brand For any business, your website is one of the most influential aspects of your branding. Think of it as the face of your brand, or the hub where everything related to your business and branding exists. Considering the fact that 81% of customers do research online […]

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Statue of person putting on a crown

Is Content Still King?

When it Comes to Content Marketing, Focus on Quality, Not Quantity A few years back, a certain phrase started popping up more and more frequently: “Content is king!” Back in 2016, many businesses shifted towards content marketing as a way to reach their audiences. Where blogs were once just a way to get much-needed keyword […]

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Facebook F8: New Tools for Messenger

How to Stay on Top of Facebook Messenger Upcoming Changes This year marked Facebook’s 10th F8 conference where creators, innovators, developers, and entrepreneurs reunited to discuss the future of technology. This two-day event offered networking possibilities, product demos, and so much more. It also allowed Facebook to discuss its platform and disclose its upcoming updates […]

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The Importance of SEO Services Within A Business

The More SEO Expenses, The Higher the Satisfaction A study concluded that businesses allocating a large budget to SEO services would be more satisfied with the results from their marketing efforts than those who spend less. An SEO budget above $500 per month would guarantee a high satisfaction of 53.3% among business owners compared to […]

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