MacBook pro sitting open on a patio table with Google visible on the screen.

Google Talks Top 3 SEO Factors

Relevant Info, Good Content, and Performance All Key Factors to Consider Back on May 15, 2019, the Google Webmasters YouTube channel launched the first in a series of “SEO Mythbusting” videos, hosted by Google’s Martin Splitt and guest Juan Herrera of Angular GDE. In the video, Herrera asked Splitt about the top 3 SEO factors […]

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Man making a search on a smartphone.

Google Goes Mobile-First When Indexing New Sites

Mobile-First Indexing Enabled by Default for All Sites Starting July 1, 2019 We all knew this was coming: after years of talk about Google’s index prioritizing mobile-friendly sites, it’s finally happening. As of July 1, 2019, Google’s indexing will be mobile-first for all new websites and domains. According to Google, this change applies to new […]

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Facebook's login page on a laptop monitor.

Facebook Replaces Ad Relevance Score With 3 Relevance Diagnostics

New Approach to Relevance Gives More Info to Paid Advertising Specialists and Marketers Facebook is replacing the “Relevance” score in its ad platform with three relevance diagnostics that measure an ad’s quality, the engagement it’s receiving, and the expected conversion rate compared to ads that are also targeting your target audience. If you’ve spent any […]

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An iPhone's browser open to Facebook, sitting next to a MacBook's keyboard.

Facebook Ads Gets Consumer-Focused Clear History Tool

New Tool Will Let Users Clear History on Facebook, Offer Greater Transparency for Marketing Data and Facebook Ads Have you ever searched for something on Amazon or another online store then watched, mildly creeped out, as Facebook Ads suddenly start promoting exactly what you looked for? It’s a little disconcerting–and Facebook agrees. That’s why they’re […]

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Woman in an orange sweater takes a picture on a Canon DSLR camera.

Google Adding Support for Higher Quality Images in Search

3D Images, Swipe-Up Image Navigation, and High-Res Images Coming to Google Image Search Google I/O 2019 brought a ton of announcements last week, some of which may have slipped under your radar, including some cool news about Google Image Search. 3D images got a bunch of attention in Google’s I/O keynote with the news that […]

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Smartphone open to Google's mobile homepage.

Google Announces New Ad Formats, Shopping Revamps

News Out of Google Marketing Live Event Cover Plenty of Ground for 2019 Google’s big Marketing Live event took place on May 14, 2019 and brought with it a ton of new info about products and services they’re introducing this year. Major announcements focused on new ad formats (3 of them, to be exact) and […]

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